The Stash Sale – June 3rd & 4th

This year we decided to bring back one of our favorite events – the Stash Sale! It’s the perfect way to get rid of old yarn, and turn it into new yarn!

June 2017 Stash Sale at Knit One

Sale Dates:  June 3rd & 4th – Saturday 10-5, Sunday 12-5

Please take the time to read all this information if you’d like to participate.

  1. Your items to sell must be knit/crochet/spinning related.  This includes yarns of any type, fibers of any type, needles or hooks related to knitting/crochet/spinning. NO NEEDLEPOINT OR CROSS STITCH PLEASE.
  2. Your items must be clearly marked with your price and your initials – a sticky tag, a notecard inside the ziploc, whatever will give your buyers the most clear information.
  3. Mark your items beginning at 001. Make sure to list them in sequence (001, 002, 003)  Your items will then be (for Laura Knoop Very) LKV001, LKV 002, etc….
  4. Using the attached form, please print all the information clearly to correlate with the item identification number.  Please write a brief but accurate description of your item (see the first line of the form).  Be sure to fill out a price for each item on the list.
  5. It is best to put each item in a clear, ziploc style bag.  You may sell them however you wish, but my advice is to price, bag and describe them to sell.  Please do not use translucent or colored bags, only clear bags: recycled is fine.
  6. Place all your items into a larger plastic bag:  The big ziploc bags sold at Target for storage are great:  your unsold items would be returned to you this way, so it should be clearly marked.
  7. Unfinished projects (WIPs) are acceptable:  please bag them with as much information within the bag and on the information sheet, as possible.  Make sure to indicate whether the instructions or pattern are included.
  8. Drop off:  You must drop off your bags by Wednesday, May 31st at 8pm, during store hours.  Please have all your paperwork completed and the agreement signed.  PLEASE do not bring items on the days of the sale:  WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THEM.
  9. Please shop for yourselves on those days, as a stash sale is only successful if there are BOTH buyers and sellers, and there should be deals galore!  Please bring friends and pass along information for those who have stashes to be culled.
  10. Your items should be picked up the following week, Tuesday – Sunday June 6th-11th, during regular store hours, at which time you may pick up your gift certificate for the exact amount that you sold.  Please take the time to look over your sheet and unsold items to make sure that it all matches and all the information is correct.
  11. Your gift certificate may be used any time for up to a year.  It is like any other Knit One Gift Certificate!
  12. What if you don’t want your items back?  That is no problem!  Please indicate this on your sheet – they will be donated or repurposed in the appropriate manner.  ANY ITEMS NOT PICKED UP BY SUNDAY, JUNE 11 WILL BE TAKEN OUT OF THE STORE AND ON TO THEIR NEXT HOME.  PLEASE KNOW THAT WHEN YOU SIGN YOUR SHEET YOU AGREE TO THE LIMITS DESCRIBED HERE.
  13. Thank you, in advance, for supporting the knitting community at Knit One.  Please understand that we will only be accepting cash and checks for stash sale purchases.  We are well stocked with new items, should you wish to do some regular purchasing that day, and may use your credit or debit card then….

Have fun and email or call us with any questions!

Laura & Kylen